Our Story and Vision

The Story

The story of PeopleUknow started with the story of a 16-year old girl. In 10th grade she started a new school and had the unfortunate experience of what may happen if you are new in a class. There was no physical violence and no verbal harassment, but she was systematically ignored. This is one of the most subtle and harmful ways of bullying happening in schools today.

But HOW can we solve this problem?”, the mother asked her. And she said: “It’s simple – everyone needs to get to know everyone!

That was the seed from which PeopleUknow was born.

The Problem

School bullying is becoming a public health concern affecting a large proportion of school-aged kids. Bullying is not the initial problem, but rather the lack of social skills. Research shows that the threat of the physical and emotional safety in a bad school environment generates stress that causes output like lack of self esteem and motivation. This leads to a number of problems like loneliness, dropouts, bullying, violence and various psychological problems that have a long lasting effect for the kids and also negative impacts on their ability to learn.

The Vision

We believe that Innovation happens when we use technology in a creative way centered on the human factor.We believe that all of us are responsible to create a sustainable society in which people could peacefully and constructively coexist. It is about what kind of world we want to live in and what world we want to create for our children. In our vision the school has a key role for the future, it needs to be a place where young people LOVE to be, a place where they can grow as complete human beings, where it is possible to build both, knowledge and social skills to thrive in a future job and a fulfilling social life.

PeopleUknow add value to your life – if you let them. Be curious and connect.

The Solution

Our goal is that schools should be able to carry out continuous training of children’s emotional and social skills while building a healthy and positive classroom environment – every single day. Therefore, we develop a digital interactive toolkit where students can develop their social skills through practical exercises initiated by the teacher and linked to the competence goals in the different subjects.

This allows for practical learning, physical interaction and a break from sedentary learning. Self-esteem, empathy, communication, values, rhythm and movement are examples of areas of competence that students will develop. The exercises are based on relevant research at home and abroad and interdisciplinary areas of competence initiated by the government, where LIVSMESTRING is the most important.

A more detailed presentation of the solution is given to schools / municipalities who wish to cooperate with us. Contact us to arrange a meeting. Read more under the Pilot.